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A Kitchen Splashback Story in Oklahoma City

Once upon a sunny day in Oklahoma City, the creative team at Hunter Tile & Construction embarked on a magical journey to transform a simple kitchen into a mesmerizing haven. Our skilled artisans were thrilled to take on this challenge and put their craftsmanship to the test.

Now, the first ingredient in this tantalizing tale was the tile selected by our fabulous client. Drumroll, please! They chose the exquisite Roman-style porcelain tile from Italy, an absolute stunner! With its elegant charm and timeless appeal, this tile was the perfect choice to accentuate the 1950s mid-century modern architectural style of the kitchen.

Picture this: a pale glaze gently embracing the walls, creating an open and airy atmosphere that seemed to whisper secrets of the past. The tiles were stacked with precision, strategically arranged to keep the design simple yet visually adding height to the standard-sized 1950s kitchen dimensions. It was like a dance of colors and patterns, beautifully choreographed to create an illusion of space and grandeur.

Now, the magic didn’t stop there! The client fell head over heels for the irresistible charm of the Horizontal Stacked tile. Oh, what a splendid choice it was! Each row of tiles perfectly stacked, creating a clean, linear pattern that exuded minimalistic elegance. As the tiles stood side by side, they effortlessly transformed the kitchen into a realm of mid-century and modern design, a true visual delight.

But here’s where our artistic flair really shone through. You see, the space behind the stove was a little snug, like a cozy nook that deserved some extra attention. So, our expert team decided to sprinkle a touch of enchantment in the form of a single Chevron on the backsplash. Voilà! ✨ The kitchen soared to new heights, accentuated, and elevated by this mesmerizing detail.

With every tile placed, it was as if we were painting a captivating mural on the canvas of the kitchen. The colors danced in harmony, and the patterns sang tales of elegance and grace. It was a masterpiece in the making, and we were honored to be the artisans behind this extraordinary creation.

And so, our kitchen splashback adventure came to a close, leaving behind a home adorned with the allure of Italy and the grace of mid-century modern design. As Hunter Tile & Construction, we took pride in transforming a dream into reality, and the client’s heartwarming smile was the most precious reward we could ever receive.

Remember, dear readers, every home has a story to tell, and we at Hunter Tile & Construction are always eager to turn these tales into remarkable realities. Until next time, may your kitchens be filled with love, laughter, and of course, breathtaking splashbacks!

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