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Premium Quality Kitchen Remodeling in Paseo

Hunter Tile & Kitchen Remodels delivers top-tier kitchen remodeling solutions to residents in Paseo, OK and neighboring communities throughout Oklahoma. Embracing the latest in trends and technological advancements, we offer a bespoke approach. Our dedicated team will conceive a customized design and expertly execute it, incorporating durable and aesthetically pleasing materials. With a focus on meticulous artistry and innovative methodologies, we invite you to entrust our seasoned remodelers to realize your vision of a modern, efficient culinary area.

Streamlined multi-step process for kitchen remodeling

For more than 13 years, we have been refining our approach to ensure maximum client satisfaction and service quality at all stages of a project.


We will assess your property during a free, on-site consultation to obtain a better understanding of your wishes and ideas.


Our experts will work alongside you to come up with a few different design and budget options that fit your needs and preferences.


You’ll be able to watch our kitchen remodeling contractors realize your vision through an easy-to-use online platform.

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Delivering professional service at every stage

Being the premier kitchen remodeling contractor in Paseo and its neighboring areas, we possess the complete capacity to conceptualize, strategize, and construct the culinary space you’ve always envisioned. Our ability to achieve these exceptional outcomes is facilitated through the following means:
  • Thoroughly evaluating all potential staff and subcontractors.
  • Enlisting the services of adept and seasoned builders and designers.
  • Securing workers compensation and general liability insurance.
  • Tackling each project with the highest regard for intricate precision.

Your go-to kitchen remodeling contractor in Paseo

Frequently Asked Questions

Under regular conditions of use, a professional kitchen renovation has the potential to maintain its condition for a period of 10-15 years or even longer, exhibiting minimal signs of wear. This is particularly true if you’ve chosen a timeless decorative style that won’t become obsolete within a few years.

There are several compelling factors to contemplate when contemplating this form of home enhancement:

  1. The existing kitchen is not in line with contemporary standards.
  2. Appliances have reached or exceeded their anticipated lifespan.
  3. Essential components such as cabinets and drawers display considerable wear or irreversible damage.
  4. The current layout no longer aligns with your requirements.
  5. You aim to elevate both the market value and the attractiveness of your property in Fenwick.

With consistent use and proper upkeep, the majority of household appliances tend to have a lifespan of 8-15 years. Higher-end models can even endure for up to 20 years due to their superior quality. Nevertheless, there might be instances where you consider replacing them prior to these milestones, such as during a comprehensive kitchen renovation or to take advantage of the advanced features exclusive to the latest appliances.

If you’re interested in exploring cutting-edge appliances that would integrate seamlessly into your Fenwick residence, feel free to get in touch with us. By gaining an understanding of your specific requirements and preferences, our experts will be equipped to provide personalized recommendations that ensure optimal value.

The level of complexity varies based on the distance of the relocation. Shifting a sink a short distance away from its initial placement presents a relatively uncomplicated task for a skilled Fenwick contractor specializing in kitchen remodeling. However, if the intention is to move it to a completely opposite section of the room, the process becomes notably challenging and time-intensive. This challenge is amplified when dealing with houses built on a slab foundation. If uncertainties arise, seeking advice from our team and engaging in direct consultations with our experts is the recommended approach.

The cost of a complete kitchen renovation is determined by various elements. These factors encompass the overall size of the space in square footage, the intricacy and extent of the project, whether new appliances are being integrated, if the endeavor involves revamping an already existing area or enlarging your Paseo residence, and additional considerations.

To obtain a precise appraisal, arrange a complimentary in-home consultation with us. Our team will assess your property and engage you in a brief questionnaire aimed at assisting us in gauging the financial scope of your undertaking.

Hunter Tile & Kitchen Remodels stands out as a respected remodeling contractor renowned for providing an extensive range of kitchen remodeling solutions to residents in and around Oklahoma City. If you are seeking to engage the services of highly skilled kitchen remodeling experts in Gaillardia or accomplished contractors specializing in kitchen remodeling in Nichols Hills, we invite you to get in touch with us.

Our offerings extend throughout every corner of Paseo, Oklahoma, ensuring that you can rely on us to promptly arrive at your property and proficiently carry out all tasks, regardless of whether your residence is situated in Fenwick Gated or Fenwick Garden Village. Reach out to us today to embark on a journey of enhancing your home with exquisite improvements.

We exist to serve those in our city, not just by creating beautiful spaces, but defending your freedoms and the constitution of the USA.