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Get a Premium Quality Kitchen Remodel in OKC

Discover Hunter Tile & Kitchen Remodels, your destination for skilled kitchen remodel contractors in Oklahoma City. Our team possesses the necessary expertise to bring your kitchen vision to life. Should your kitchen be plagued by a cramped atmosphere, we have the means to enhance its functionality. In the case of an outdated appearance, we are adept at revitalizing and modernizing. With a commitment to prompt and efficient service, our foremost objective is to bestow upon you a rejuvenated kitchen space, filling a void that has long been present. Serving both Oklahoma City and its neighboring regions, we are enthusiastic about the prospect of transforming your concepts into reality!

Your new kitchen is just three steps away

Our approach is designed for efficiency and clarity, covering every step from initial discussions to design conceptualization and project realization. We possess the capability to construct a kitchen that will serve as the central hub of your Oklahoma City home.

Initial Discussion

We’ll arrange an in-person meeting at your location to gain a comprehensive understanding of your desires and requirements. Subsequently, we will offer you various design ideas alternatives along with estimated costs.

Project Development

Upon finalizing the design, you will receive the conclusive design layout and a comprehensive project timeline. We are dedicated to ensuring that the project progresses smoothly in accordance with the outlined plan.

Project Monitoring

For constant project tracking and the ability to oversee the progress made by our team, you can take advantage of our user-friendly online client portal, accessible at your convenience.

kitchen remodels in okc

Fall back on the finest kitchen remodel contractors in OKC

Rely on experienced full-service contractors who possess extensive expertise in the realm of kitchen remodeling, executed with meticulous care for even the finest details. You merit a kitchen that is not only seamlessly functional and optimized but also in harmony with both your living space and your individual way of life. Imagine a kitchen replete with space-efficient, time-saving, and energy-conserving attributes – a space that not only exudes beauty but is also a pragmatic reflection of your household’s everyday requirements. Our offering encompasses ingenious design and flawless implementation, and we assure you of exceptional results due to our:
  • Highly selective recruitment process for employees and subcontractors
  • Extensive experience in construction and remodeling
  • General liability insurance and workers compensation coverage
  • Integrated process of project coordination and management


Frequently Asked Questions

The outcome depends on the specific type of kitchen remodel you’re undertaking. Nationally, the average return on investment for a major high-end kitchen renovation is approximately 54%. However, this figure falls short of the ROI achieved through a complete kitchen expansion.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to recognize the significant value of a customized kitchen renovation designed for your residence in Oklahoma City. Imagine the joy of waking up to a stunning kitchen tailored to your preferences. If you’re seeking to enhance your culinary experiences within the comfort of your Oklahoma City abode, this approach is undoubtedly the right path.

During our in-person consultation, we will attentively listen to your needs, assisting you in making well-informed choices for your upcoming kitchen remodeling ventures in Edmond, OKC, and surrounding regions.

Usually, it is customary to have hardwood flooring put in place prior to the installation of kitchen cabinets. In scenarios where tile flooring is chosen and intended to span the complete floor area, it is advisable to complete the tiling process before installing the cabinets. Nevertheless, an alternative approach involves tiling up to the cabinet positions, allowing for the cabinets to be set up beforehand. In the event of an extensive kitchen renovation, both the cabinets and flooring would undergo simultaneous replacement; our inclination is to prioritize flooring as the initial step whenever feasible.

As a comprehensive contracting and design-build firm, we strongly advise the sequential installation of cabinets prior to the backsplash. While it’s essential for the backsplash to be affixed subsequent to the kitchen cabinet installation, our clients usually perceive these stages of the kitchen remodeling journey as harmoniously progressing together.

If you’re considering incorporating tiles into your kitchen as a part of your dream remodel in locations like Glen Eagles, Northern OKC, or surrounding areas, and you’re wondering about the current relevance of this trend, we’re here to assist you in making an informed decision. Tiles can offer remarkable practicality and are easy to maintain, all while delivering a visually appealing result.

Moreover, the array of colors, textures, and finishes available is extensive, ensuring that you’ll encounter no difficulties in discovering a choice that exudes elegance, possesses widespread attractiveness, and harmonizes seamlessly with the overarching ambiance of your OKC residence.

Whether you possess an expansive family residence neighboring OKC’s Remington Park or a chic apartment in close proximity to the Chesapeake Energy Arena, a foolproof approach to augment both your property’s resale value and your overall living standards involves initiating an advanced kitchen remodeling venture.

Are you contemplating a fundamental and cost-effective kitchen renovation, encompassing a straightforward transition to granite countertops and an enhancement of the backsplash? Alternatively, are you poised for a comprehensive transformation of the culinary space within your Oklahoma City abode?

Should you decide on an extensive kitchen overhaul, we will seamlessly orchestrate and oversee all facets of the project. This encompasses reconfiguring the layout to maximize space, undertaking framing and drywall tasks, texture application, flooring enhancements, the installation of tailor-made cabinets, opulent granite or quartz countertops, the integration of brand-new, energy-efficient full-sized appliances, along with updated faucets and sinks. Additionally, the project encompasses the introduction of a fresh backsplash with accompanying tiling, an upgrade to the lighting system coupled with associated electrical work, as well as a new coat of paint on both walls and ceiling, among other aspects.

We are well-equipped to assist you in extracting the utmost benefit from your long-anticipated kitchen renovation. Even if you contemplate a simultaneous renovation of both the kitchen and bathroom in OKC, we are capable of swiftly bringing your aspirations to fruition. Naturally, adhering to timelines and plans is of paramount importance, and we pledge to provide you with consistent updates at every stage of the process. Should this proposition intrigue you, do not hesitate to reach out to us, allowing us to arrange a consultation at your earliest convenience!

We exist to serve those in our city, not just by creating beautiful spaces, but defending your freedoms and the constitution of the USA.